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The CM Beat, by Scott Fincham

A few months ago I took a job at the health club that I work out at. I interviewed and they wanted to bring me in for a second interview. But when I went in for the second interview I had to have their mission statement memorized. The reason for this is they feel that in order to be successful with the company and do our job properly, we need to know the mission and demonstrate it each and every day that we come to work. Unfortunately I was not able to take the job because of a bad hip. But I thought about our mission statement and how we should carry out our Mission Statement as a DJ.

Our mission statement is: to provide a DJ service that is progressive, interactive, and exciting where everyone enthusiastically works together to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and their guests.

So let’s take the first part of our mission statement and instead of “DJ Service” let’s replace with “DJ”…

Interactive doesn't mean just doing icebreakers. It also includes interacting with guests, hall staff (in a professional manner), and anyone else you meet throughout the event. Being interactive starts immediately when you do your pre-call and meet with the client and it continues when you arrive at the hall, when you provide White Glove Service, and through the end of the event.

Always be excited about your event – starting with the pre-call to the client. At your dance, you want to look and sound excited when performing and making announcements. Always have a smile on your face and act like you’re happy to be at the event as if it is the ONLY place to be that night. Smiling helps you to get excited…it’s contagious! If a guest sees you excited and happy, they’re going to feel excited about being at the event as well. You are in front of everyone and all eyes are on you all night. If you don’t show excitement, the guests will think you’re not happy to be there and their perception of you will be a negative one, instead of a positive one.

So what does progressive really mean? The dictionary defines progressive as “making progress toward better conditions; employing or advocating more enlightened or liberal ideas, new or experimental methods, etc.”  Progressive is also defined as “being characterized by such progress, or by continuous improvement.”  

As a company we are always trying to find new ideas and tools to help improve Complete Music – whether it’s a new icebreaker, show quality tools, new literature and information, etc. As a DJ, you should be progressive with your show. In other words, look for ways to improve your show and never put on the same show. If you think that your show is good the way it is, you need to re-evaluate your show. It may be good now, but it might get stale a few months from now.  As time goes on, you want to find a way to improve your show. It doesn’t have to be a big change. It may be a different way you set up an icebreaker, how you make an announcement, or greet guests at the door. But if you’re doing the same exact show over and over again you will find yourself getting bored and burnt out from DJing.  You need to take a more progressive approach with your show.

While downloading video from receptions where we are the DJ service, I find myself predicting what the DJ will do next. It’s because they're doing the exact same thing over and over again and I’ve seen their performance before, either while spot checking or watching them on video. It gets old after a while. Yes, they are performing for a different bride and groom each weekend, but they may be someone who has seen the DJ before or there may be guests who have seen the DJ before several times. You always want to keep your show fresh. If you do the chicken dance this weekend, next weekend if you do it, come up with a different way of setting it up. Use the Show Enhancer CDs that are provided. That is a great way to make your show different. Every time you go out to DJ, you should be interactive, exciting, and progressive – after all, you’re a COMPLETE MUSIC DJ! Take our mission to heart and live by it each and every weekend.




Name: Lee Owens
DJ of the Month
Houston, TX



How would you describe your personality?

I would say my personality is relaxed but fun, I like to remain cool at all times, this allow me to confidently take charge of situations but also adapt to situations and still keep the party going.

What makes you Unique as a DJ?

My ability to read and adjust to the crowds needs.  I feel honored every time I’m able to participate in an event that will be remember through someone’s lifetime and I want to make sure that everyone enjoy and remembers any event that I am apart of.


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